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Learning Magazine 2011 Teacher's Choice Award for the Family Program Selected Reviews:

•"The premise is easy, kids are already familiar with word search puzzles, and this is a great way to help reinforce...reading skills. The tracing paper is fun to use. The game moves quickly, everyone has a chance to score points, not just the first one to finish."

•"I liked that kids and grown-ups could play at their own levels. It made the game just as competitive. I liked the fast-paced part of the to find words made it more exciting."

•"It was fun for my kids to use tracing paper. They felt excited when they found words."

•"My daughter enjoyed doing the puzzles. She also palyed against her friends to see who could find the most words in the shortest amount of time."

•"The children had a great time racing each other. It seems that it was anyone's game at any time. We had lots of different winners."

•"(The skills promoted are:) problem-solving, letter and word recognition, working under pressure, following directions, not giving up and having fun with others,...visual discrimination, spelling, fluency."

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