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"MAJOR FUN" Award Winner 2006:

"Bonkers, you ask?..Not a trivia game. But a word game, indeed. And a fun one, too.

There are different kinds of question cards. Some ask you to list 4 things, like countries, beginning with a letter, like H...Some ask you for words that rhyme with something. Some for words that end or start with other words......Answers come as fast as the other person/team can think of them...

...A party game it is...And it's Major FUN."

2006 MIND GAMES® Competition - 

American MENSA


('High IQ Society') 

Selected Reviews:

"Wild fun...Excellent choice for a party!"

"Great game! ...I like the skill level required (to play)."

"Very fun...I'd buy this one!"

"Very fun. Good level of challenge!"

"Fun for sure!"

"Great scoring twist... Fun and fast-moving too!"

"Fun...I like the different types of questions."

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