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Editorial Review, Games Editor Amazon.com:

"Oh, it's an "eye catcher" all right. And before you're finished with this maddeningly, frustratingly addictive pursuit, you'll be calling it "Cross-eye catcher." It's the kind of panic-inducing, color-coded race against time that plays as if Rubik himself went out drinking with a gang of Mensa members, then decided to design a new eye chart. Alone or in teams, players attempt to match the 16 colored tiles to their corresponding squares on the board in under a minute. Ah, but there's a catch: each tile is composed of four triangles, each of those sporting one of five colors; and while one tile may contain the same four colors as another, the colors will be positioned differently. You'll spend a lot of time twisting them around to find the perfect board match--only to discover that yellow and purple are transposed. Perfect for solitaire or party play (especially the hilarious Team Challenge, where two players match and grab simultaneously on the not-so-big board), Eyecatcher will make cockeyed optimists out of many a gathering."

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