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1. Beware of Unauthorized Re-Sellers:

Game Development Group Inc. is the sole manufacturer and the sole distributor of all our branded trademarked products.  Any applicable warranties carry only if sold directly to end user by an authorized re-seller.  If a product is purchased from any entity other than an authorized re-seller, any and all applicable warranties will not apply and Game Development Group Inc. cannot guarantee product quality, contents, product-age, safety and any/all aspects of the unauthorized product sold by an unauthorized re-seller.  Please contact us via our email link to confirm if a seller is an authorized re-seller. 

 2. Our Products on

Game Development Group Inc and/or, Inc. and/or affiliates are the only authorized re-sellers on Game Development Group updates products during manufacturing runs, with any one UPC code having multiple previous versions, regardless of packaging similarities. Our products have been in the marketplace for over 20 years, and any one product may have been updated many times. Hence, unauthorized re-sellers, marketing prior product versions from previous years (despite the same UPC code) on the main selling pages, are not offering the most current up-to-date copyrighted product, which is a violation of Game Development Group Inc.'s trademark rights. Thank you for making sure to purchase only from an authorized re-seller to maintain all post-sales support and warranties as may apply.

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