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"Fast, Fun and Challenging – Mystify is a game that challenges you to solve word and number scrambles. Everyone plays at the same time – so everyone is involved in the game at every minute. No wallflowers here! You could divide up into teams to play, but the real fun comes when everyone in the room is individually scribbling on their pad, trying to be the first to solve the scramble and yell out their success to the rest of the players...

A Great Party Game  Mystify…continues to be one of the favorite games for parties and game nights because:

100% participation - Everyone plays every round, and at the same time, so it is a great ice breaker and gets everyone involved in the fun.

Easy to learn – There are no difficult rules or scoring systems…

Easy to play – Each player just needs a pencil and a piece of paper.

No special interests or skills needed – Even if all party attendees are not into word jumbles or Sudoku-type games, they still have fun competing or watching the other party-goers compete to be the first one to solve the scramble.

Mystify would be a great game to take to a game night or party or to give to the party host as a gift."

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