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Editorial Review, Games Editor

"Think you've got a good ear for everyday sounds? Then pop Soundscape, the super, sonic party game, into the CD player at your next gathering and get ready to pass around the chips, dips, and Q-Tips. Whether two people or 20, individuals or teams, aural sects attempt to identify the five everyday noises that constitute one round emanating from the 36-round, two CD set. Is that a gas burner or a coffeemaker? The opening of a pop-top or the cracking of an egg? Okay, that's got to be geese flying overhead... or a dolphin talking. You've got five seconds to write down your answer, and believe us, it's tougher than it sounds. A quick once-over of the written rules will get you started, the instructional voices on the CDs are patient (if a tad stilted) and explain things well (even indicating when it's time to press "pause" for drinks and munchies), all designed to quickly turn any gathering on its ear..."

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