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"For those of us who weren't born with the trivia, pop-culture or puzzle-solving gene, this is a game with a level playing field. Each player (or team) draws a picture card, stares at it for 20 seconds, puts the card down, then answers a series of questions about the image they just saw. (Example: "What color is the man's tie?" or "How many hands are on the table?"). Correct answers move you forward on the game board and the first player to reach the finish line wins. Sounds simple, but there's a whole lot going on in each of these pictures! Why did we like it? Not only is it great for all ages, but it's bound to improve your observation skills. After a few rounds of this game, your hubby might finally notice that you changed your hair!"

Editorial Review, Games Editor

"Furrowed brows and hearty laughter are the most likely outcome of this fun but challenging new game from Game Development Group. The object is to be the first to reach the end of the game board. "Been there, done that," you're thinking? Look again. In fact, stare hard--because that's the only way you'll get anywhere. Players (individually or in teams) must stare at an image on a card for 20 seconds. Actually, that's the "challenging" version. Depending on the relative level of masochism at the table, you can opt for the "almost impossible" version--stare for 10 seconds--or the "general" version, stare for 30 seconds (best if there are kids playing), and then answer questions about what you saw. It's not easy folks--just try to remember what color socks the man next to you on the bus was wearing this morning, or how many people were reading magazines. Of course, you weren't staring....."

Editorial Review, Board Games Express 2005:

"Top 10 Party Board Game"

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