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Learning Magazine 2009 Teacher's Choice Award for the Family:

•"I LOVE the concept of this game - getting children to take the time to develop their observation skills is wonderful. We played this game with nieces and nephews who were 7 and 8 and they enjoyed testing us and each other - it was very challenging for all of us! Very easy to set up; clear, simple instructions; Cards/Pics are from different kinds of sources (ads, art, etc.)...I like that the product is fun and educational at the same time. I like that it can be adapted to allow older people to play with younger children."

•"This game is great as is - I really can't think of anything to do to improve this one."

•"(Kids) couldn't wait for the next card - the variety of pictures kept us on our toes..."

•"We are hooked on it. It is fun to discover what kind of card you are getting and looking at the details on it, wondering what question could be asked so you can be ready...You can play as teams or individually, which makes it less stressful for some kids..."

•"It's a different game than any other I have ever seen and it was great for family fun time."

•"I really liked this product because it makes our brain work...It's quick and easy to play and you can play it anywhere. Definitely a keeper!!!"

•"I would definitely recommend this product. The game is so much fun. Even though it's for "juniors" it can be played by the whole family. Children play, have fun and learn at the same time."

The National Parenting Center's 2008 Seal of Approval:

"Concentration, visualization and memory are the keys that unlocked hours of fun among our testers who had high praise for Stare! Junior...The game moves quickly and involves many players at once..Parents found the discipline of absorbing all of the elements put in front of their children was an invaluable learning tool that was brilliantly disguised as an awfully fun game."

Learning Magazine 2006 Teacher Reviews from Classroom Game Tests:

•"...This game makes practicing important skills enjoyable."

•"It is a powerful learning tool because it enhances many skills in an entertaining game..."

•"I loved the concept of the game and I thought questions were well thought out, easy to understand, and showed variety in types of questioning."

•"I would highly recommend this game for use in school as well as at home. It is entertaining yet educationally very useful."

•"...It is certainly a game that children will not get bored with. It can be played in a variety of ways to keep it challenging and to promote a variety of skills from individual concentration and memory to team building and cooperation."

•"I like this game. It was fun and stimulating to play. I think the skills it focuses on are really essential for the children. This game would be useful in any classroom."

National Parenting Publications Awards - 2006 Honors:

•Stare! Junior is the proud recipient of this prestigious award from NAPPA: "...NAPPA is a well-known name in industries focused on children's learning and entertainment. Time-starved parents and adults who want high-quality children's toys and products that provide 'smart fun', good design and grow with children's developmental needs rely on the newly-released list of NAPPA winners for holiday and year-round gift-giving...NAPPA-winning products meet the most stringent criteria and are judged by nationally recognized industry experts, educators, reviewers and advocates in their fields...When parents see the NAPPA seal on winning products, they're assured a safe, fun and educational experience for their children."

All About Kids Magazine, 2007:

•"Warning! It doesn't beep. There are no bells, whistles or buttons, but this family favorite is great fun for kids six and up and parents, too...Fast-paced, fun and educational, a great choice for family game night."

Family Fun Magazine,  2003 - selected as one of the "Top Family-Tested Board Games":

•"We had a great time with this across three generations. Even my four year old was able to play."

Kid Planet Magazine, 2002 - selected as a Top Game Pick:

•"...Players take turns staring at images on the game cards for 30 seconds...Pay attention to get ahead, just try to suppress your giggles when it's your turn to do the concentrating!"

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