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National Parenting Publications Awards - 2006 Honors:

Wit's End Junior is the proud recipient of this prestigious award from NAPPA: "...NAPPA is a well-known name in industries focused on children's learning and entertainment. Time-starved parents and adults who want high-quality children's toys and products that provide 'smart fun', good design and grow with children's developmental needs rely on the newly-released list of NAPPA winners for holiday and year-round gift-giving...NAPPA-winning products meet the most stringent criteria and are judged by nationally recognized industry experts, educators, reviewers and advocates in their fields...When parents see the NAPPA seal on winning products, they're assured a safe, fun and educational experience for their children."

Learning Magazine 2006 Teacher Reviews from Classroom Game Tests:

•"My students found the questions fun and challenging."

•"My class really got involved with the game, so I began to use it as a privilege. Bonus for me: they learned something while they played."

•"My students enjoy trivia and they enjoyed the questions and the challenge this game offered..."

•"I would buy it. It is great for the classroom."

•"It was a fun game with educational value. I like the board set up and the instructions were easy to follow."

•"I would recommend this product to many grade levels. I think the types of questions would complement 3rd to 6th grade students. The colorful playing board kept my students' interest and the cards were fun to read."

Parent's Choice 2004 Fun Stuff Award Winner:

•"Collection of brain teasers challenge players...(kids might) arrange items in order or find out which item doesn't belong to the group. Riddles asking "What or Who Am I?" are often disguised as rhymes. The Wild Card category includes Alphabet Soup , Word Whiz and Matching Pairs."

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