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Learning Magazine 2007 Teacher's Choice Award for the Family:

•"This game is a great way to review spelling and vocabulary words. This was more fun than pencil and paper, and achieved greater success because the students enjoyed it." 

•"It is a great product. It is a great game for students to play as they reinforce their knowledge of vocabulary words. It is student friendly as well as being a fun and educational game! It was enjoyed by all!"

•"...any game that keeps students on task is a great investment. It is user-friendly and enjoyable to play..."

•"It was voted by the class as a great game to play!"

•"(Kids) could play a new game with ease and it was one they enjoyed returning to again and again."

•"This game had easy instructions and was a fun and educational game to play. The class could play in teams and reinforce their learning. It was good for all abilities levels in the age bracket."

•"The children had to really think to create their own words. They were engaged while playing."

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