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Learning Magazine 2013 Teacher's Choice Award for the Classroom Program Selected Reviews:

•"Every child loved to play this game. It was fun to see the different personalities of the children as they played."

•"I would recommend this game to other teachers as a fun activity. It was fun to watch them play together."

•"My students thought this was a fun game and they enjoyed all the colorful animals."

•"Yes, I would (recommend this game). The students always wanted to win and they were discussing strategy: board movement and collecting/trading cards."

•"The students liked looking at all the different animals and the funny things they were doing."

•"It kept the students interested and motivated."

•"I can't thing of anything I would improve."

•"They learned to take turns, read and follow directions, and have fun playing a game."

•"My students improved their skills...in planning strategies to win."

•"This game helped my students with identifying and grouping, as well as social skills with a partner."

•This game helped students strengthen their identification skills, turn taking and grouping. The students enjoyed playing this game."

•"The students worked on problem solving and strategy."

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